Career Prospects In Blockchain

Surprisingly, bitcoin has moved far away from the just being the platform for digital currency exchange, the technology has been able to create lots of unimaginable careers which one could assume is due to its constantly continuous acceptance.

The general belief is that to access any area of the crypto sphere, the need for a high tech skill and intelligence is required, nevertheless, the good news is some of the careers in the technology do not necessarily need you to approach them with technology skill as this could be achieved as one dive more. However, some of the careers are;


Business are now looking to apply the blockchain technology to their operations which is a project. The project manager is the middleman between the business company and the blockchain company, who must understand both business language and developer’s language for bridging the communication gap between the two companies


As good as the cryptography of the blockchain is making it uneasy to hack, the need for security architects to ensure safety can’t be left out. The security architect pays attention to detail and analytical skills.


The all field application of the blockchain and bitcoin has created the need for persons skilled in communication with a sound understanding of the company’s goal for bitcoin application and would be the company’s frontier in order to attract investors, deals, partnerships etc.


For any product to succeed and stay above competitions, persons knowledgeable and creative in advertising, sales promotions, marketing and the likes, to create awareness and promotions. The same goes for cryptocurrencies especially new coins and ICOs.


Fact; cryptocurrencies exists in a digital world, these means a lot of currencies are existing in the world,hence, there is a need for inventions of currencies that are more resistant to hackers and thieves. The MLE needs to be knowledgeable in data analysis and language processing.


The space for writers is versatile. Companies with new currencies embarking on ICOs need content writers to write long whitepaper containing the company’s goal, development and plan. Also, creative writers are employed for writing articles on blockchain sites, webpage and blogs.


Developers are engaged with writing and maintaining codes that are smart contracts which are protocols that allow participants on a network to make transactions without the need for a third party with the use of JavaScript, Python. Designers help to design the needed web page by startups in new blockchain to describe all the company entails to prospective investors.


The carriers news are journalists, graduates and experts of journalism both print and broadcast to report news and market happenings on bitcoin for magazines, newspapers, brands, television stations, blogs. Journalists must be up to date on events like market price of coins, fall and rise of the market, ICOs event etc.

Lots of money is flowing into the crypto sphere which is expected to keep flowing, even more in the nearest future and it’s a good innovation to go where the money flows. As the technology grows, the field expands, hence, the creation for more career space in the sphere.


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