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Blockchain Solutions for Africa
A multi-platform blockchain hub for developing countries built on the ethereum and waves blockchains

XGT Token Distribution ongoing!

Project Progress (Phase 1)

This is the progress of Cryptogene Project Phase 1 so far



Alpha app for Digest




Listing on 3 reputable Exchanges


ICO funds for Development

Funds raised in the crowdsale will be dedicated to the development of the Cryptogene multi-platform blockchain hub


Digest and Spiel







ICO funds Distribution

This table shows how raised funds from ICO will be spent on each project

Digest and Spiel$100,000

Cryptogene Project Roadmap

July - December 2017                           


Smart Contracts Development
Token creation and allocation
Digest Alpha App
Exchanges integration

January - April 2018


Launch of complete Digest Dapp
Launch of Spiel

May - August 2018                         


Launch of the blockMART platform
Launch of the Havene platform

September - December 2018


Launch of the SILK DAO

The Cryptogene Project

​At Cryptogene, our aim is to provide blockchain solutions targeted at African countries. Bringing blockchain technology mainstream on the continent. ​We create platforms for individuals and businesses willing to develop solutions based on blockchain technology or to explore its potential impact. In a decentralized and community focused way


Cryptogene aims at a multi-platform hub that supports cross-border learning, usage, and development of blockchain tools for individual and organizational goals. The Cryptogene Multi-Platform hub will be tokenized to elicit commitment and keep interest alive among users. The Cryptogene Token, CGT is the base currency and economic backbone of the Hub

Multi-Platform Hub
Base Currency - CGT


The Cryptogene team will continually work to provide various use cases for the CGT token, the economic backbone of the Cryptogene Multi-Platform Hub


​A wiki-like blockchain platform for knowledge sharing. It will serve as a well-structured platform for bridging the gap between the professionals and newbies in blockchain void of much technicalities


The Spiel is a social media forum useful for communication and information dissemination. The forum will be a platform for news integration and social interaction. It will also be a base for inviting members to organized social events


blockMART will allow administrators, entrepreneurs, professionals, business owners, and retailers who would accept cryptocurrencies as a form of payment for their goods and services to utilize the Mart. The MART will be the base platform to achieve this business integration with faster, easier and on-time processing using various blockchain tools


A system where currencies and other digital assets can be exchanged with cryptocurrencies without the traditional barrier of borders. The Cryptogene Token will serve as the base currency for this exchange


Allows members to share their blockchain ideas and get crowd-funded for a start-up. Also, developers and other related service providers could pledge their involvement if the owner of the idea requests such. Another interesting feature is the ability for a member to post a concept and let the idea be developed by community members by brainstorming. The participating members then become stake-holders in the project after a proof-of-idea has been verified. Silk comes with a voting mechanism that enables individuals who stake the platform’s token have a degree of vote to implement a project


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The Cryptogene team comprises of highly skilled and intelligent individuals who constantly work towards making the platform a standard hub for community members to understand the essentials of the technology, provide an establishment to investors and traders and also deliver a platform which would assist members to easily develop or incorporate blockchain in their businesses.

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Bashir Aminu


AbdulHafiz Ahmed


Ruth Iselema


Chioma Vivian

Press & Public Relations

AdeBambo Odumosu

Project Manager

Ade Bolaji

Software Development

Samuel James

Software Development

Orewole Abdul Hakeem

Technical Development

Ajogbeje Oluwaseun

Ambassadorial Manager

Gladys Emmanuel

Ambassadorial Manager

Akinola Habib

Community Manager

Emeka Colins

Community Manager

Samuel Lasisi

Context and Targeting Specialist


Share our vision and expand each our efforts at an international scale


What Is the Cryptogene Project?


Africa Can Catch-up by Implementing Blockchain


Meet Africa's Blockchain Startups: Cryptogene

Cryptogene FAQ

Cryptogene is a vibrant community dedicated to sharing knowledge of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology especially on the African continent as well as its adoption and implementation

Cryptogene aims to give its members the ability to be part of the emerging blockchain industry by being able to make informed assessments for investment opportunities or building and integrating blockchain into their businesses and daily activities. We are building a blockchain application providing education, hyperledger solution and exchange infrastructure for Africa and local communities 

There'll be a total of 50,000,000 CGT issued. Out of which 25,000,000 would be sold during the ICO phase

ICO will begin 24 September 2017 and will last for 2 months

ICO price is $0.1 USD. 

Developers for blockchain and products development. Marketing, Reserving for local currency exchange and maintaining the foundation.

Out of a total of 50,000,000 CGT issued,
50% of which will be distributed to the public through an ICO
20% will be reserved for founders and core developers
20% will be reserved for future stakeholders
10% reserved for marketing


Cryptogene is building the future of Africa with the support of the community. Join us!


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